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Why UK Education? What makes UK schools and universities a great option for international families
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Why pursue education in the UK? 

The British School System is one of the most sought after educational systems in the world. With Britain’s oldest school having been founded in 1382, the history of educational excellence in Britain’s school system is unrivalled.

Due to this long and gradual evolution, boarding schools in the UK offer a meeting point between a traditional education and a modern focus on the individual student. With state-of-the-art facilities and a personal approach to education, each school has a range of strengths and can cater to both academic high-achievers and students with broad extra-curricular interests. 

What makes British boarding schools truly special is their commitment to innovation, personal development and boarding life:


Entrepreneurship is no longer reserved for adults. With established programmes such as Young Enterprise and a culture of innovation, interested 11-18 year olds can get a head start in the world of business. For example, in 2021 Winchester College launched their entrepreneurship hub (Makyth Ventures) and a student was awarded funding to pursue the development of their own ion thruster.

Personal Development

At a British boarding school, there is ample opportunity to pursue and excel in any interest. Schools’ dedicated language centres commonly fill classes with students studying Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic. There’s always a buzz around internal school competitions in art, public speaking, general knowledge and sports with the level of performance rivalling nationwide events. There are lots of opportunities for students to compete, showcase their abilities and challenge one another in the array of external competitions from polo, to science olympiads and Oxbridge essay competitions.

Boarding Life 

At nearly all of the top boarding schools in the UK, the boarding house is at the heart of school life, it offers student’s many of the home comforts some might fear they’ll miss. Beyond the facilities, the boarding house – which often host their students for breakfast, lunch and dinner – is a place to regroup, recentre and recuperate during the busy school day, with many tutors, matrons and other staff on site to provide pastoral support for the students when they need a helping hand. 

Entering a top British school is not an easy feat with fierce competition for each place. Every school has its own unique offering, ethos and entrance procedures, which makes navigating the system challenging, especially from abroad. In general, admissions departments will consider a student’s academic and extracurricular achievements, school reports, entrance exams and interview performances. 

How we can help

Juno’s school placement team is made up of industry experts with first hand experience in and an in-depth knowledge of the UK private school system, individual schools and the international private education industry. 

We provide complete school placement and university admissions services: admission applications, exam prep, interview prep, tuition where needed and access to our excellent relationships with top institutions.

We help our students develop confidence, critical thinking skills and cultural awareness to stand out in the entry process to a top UK school. Giving them an edge over the competition and allowing them to make full use of their world-class education.

Get in touch today, we will be more than happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your child’s needs in detail.