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Well-being Support

A helping hand - healthy coping strategies - emotional resilience

Well-being Support

A helping hand -
healthy coping
strategies -
emotional resilience

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Exam stress. Performance anxiety. Negative self-talk. There are many issues that can prevent students from engaging proactively and effectively in their studies. This can result in damaged confidence, difficulty focussing and even disengaging from their studies altogether.

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At Juno, we understand the pressures that children are under and work proactively and reactively with them. With a focus on cognition and emotions, we help our students challenge their negative beliefs and help them regulate their emotions - all the more important if they are having a difficult time adjusting to a new school. Our well-being support service offers the skills and strategies children need to boost their confidence, help them reach their academic potential and enjoy their lives to the full.


We cover skills and activities drawn from research-based leading schools of thought. These include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and compassion-focused therapy (CFT). These therapies explore the links between cognitive patterns and emotion regulation and help with understanding and managing thoughts and behaviour. 

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I’m worried about my child being homesick as a boarder. Is this the right programme for me? + How do I know if my child needs well-being support? + When can I use the well-being and support service?+ Can you support the mental health of my child? +

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