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Any subject at any level. Juno has the right tutor for your child. At Juno we believe there is no such thing as a bad student, just a student learning in the wrong way for them.

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A Tailored Approach

Juno’s 1-1 tuition will ensure that your child is not bored or left behind and will help them find genuine interest in subjects they may have struggled with in the past. The goal of Junos tuition is to ensure each of our students enjoy learning, find methods to retain knowledge and learn how to learn.

From personality to interests, academic level to the issues faced, we select tutors for our students taking into account a number of factors. Whether your child is struggling at school, lacking in motivation or simply struggling to enjoy specific subject or is a high achiever needing a slight push over the line into A* territory, we have a tutor suitable for them.

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“We wanted to give our son the best chance of getting into a top secondary school. He was doing well in school but didn’t feel confident going into unfamiliar exams. Thanks to his weekly tutoring sessions, he passed all his exams!”

- Katherine, Berkshire, 12-year-old son

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