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Today’s Education: A tool to Change the World or a Precursor to a Skills Shortage?

by Antonina Kudrova | April 13, 2023

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Education is often hailed as a transformative force that can change the world and lift individuals out of poverty. However, as the world becomes increasingly complex and technological, there are concerns that our current education system is not adequately preparing students for the skills they will need in the workforce. Some argue that education is actually contributing to a skills shortage by failing to keep pace with the demands of the modern job market. So, is education still a tool to change the world, or has it become a precursor to a skills shortage?

Recent Research

According to a report published by the Sutton Trust in February 2022, students who possess strong social and emotional skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and communication, tend to have better academic and career outcomes. The report found that young people with high levels of soft skills are more likely to have successful careers, earn higher salaries, and have better overall health and wellbeing.

The Problem

It’s a concerning issue that is on the rise. Many employers believe that school leavers lack the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace. Specifically, communication and problem-solving skills have been identified as major areas of weakness. This can create significant challenges for young people as they try to transition from education to employment. Students need to continuously update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, making the importance of lifelong learning more crucial than ever.

We have created a solution

We, at Juno, feel strongly on this subject and have been working closely with various innovative education providers to create a learning forum, one where we can personally address this shortage of essential skills with a focus on employment in a new age.

Juno Education is launching the Juno Academy in the coming months. The Academy will offer students of all ages a range of programs and services that are specifically designed to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the modern workplace. By focusing on areas like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking; we feel we are addressing this issue head on. This will help students become better prepared for the world of work and more competitive in the job market.

Addressing Digital Skills

We know the importance of digital skills in the workforce. Access to the latest technology and digital tools is essential for students to develop the digital literacy and technical skills they need to progress. Our new platform will provide access to many digital courses and programs. More to come on the Juno Academy launch soon.

We are proud to present Juno’s new services. A distinguished array of services meticulously creating an all-encompassing educational program for your child. We create bespoke and tailor-made solutions for your family. We offer a complimentary discovery call for you to discuss your situation in more detail.

If you are interested in our Academy courses to partner or offer to your clients please do get in touch with us and we can showcase some course examples. If you would like to book then Get in Touch with us.