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Wellington College. Cheltenham Ladies College. Sevenoaks School. The UK private school system is world-leading. With England’s first school founded in 597, the schools in the UK have a reputation for excellence spanning centuries. Firmly grounded in the 21st century, the British system prepares students for a life-long education, complete with invaluable contacts and a global outlook.

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Juno helps students gain access to some of the world’s best schools. Whether you are seeking a UK school for your child at 11+, 13+ 16+ or at any other age, the culture of independent learning, small class sizes and a focus on personal development is exactly what Juno prepares our students for.

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Juno’s school placement team is made up of industry experts with first hand experience in and an in-depth knowledge of the UK private school system, each individual school and the international private education industry. Our team is made up of dedicated educators that form close relationships with their students and families, ensuring an immediate response to anything that may arise during the application and preparation process.

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How our School
Programme works

We can offer a bespoke range of service to meet your needs, get in touch to find out how we can support your family. Get in touch and our team will talk you through our service options.

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Consultation, Assessments,
and Mock Interview -

We gain insights into your child’s character, academic level, interests, and temperament, as well as their preferred style of school. Your child will sit academic assessments and our team will collate and analyse their school reports. As part of the Juno team we have translators, interpreters and native speaking tutors that can make the process more accessible.

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When to

We advise you to start planning at least two years before intended entry. E.g. For 13+ entry to world-famous schools, pre-testing is often done at age 10 or 11.

Sudden job move or need for a school change? Last minute places are always possible and our connections with Admissions offices prove invaluable in these circumstances.

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“The strategy sessions with you, which were very beneficial for Mary’s education in general, helped bridge the different systems, open her mind to different ways of communication and ordered her thoughts. We will always thank you for that.”

- Father of an overseas 12-year-old student entering Wellington College in September.

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