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Book a Free School Strategy Session!

The British School System is one of the most sought after educational systems in the world. With Britain’s oldest school having been founded in 1382, the long history of educational excellence in Britain’s school system is unrivalled.

UK Boarding Schools are the meeting point between a traditional education and a modern focus on the individual student. With state-of-the-art facilities and a personal approach to education, each school has a range of strengths and can cater to both high academic achievers and students with broad extra-curricular interests. 

“When we contacted Juno Education, we knew we wanted Ryan to go to the UK for a good education but that was it. Juno made the whole process very easy for us. Their roadmap answered all of our questions and showed that they really understood Ryan.”

Sherry Xu, Shanghai City, 2022 (Translated)

Would you like to get expert advice on exploring your child’s education in the UK? Book a free school strategy session with one of our Education Consultants below to answer questions like:

  • What schools can we apply to?
  • What is the best entry point for my child?
  • What will the admissions team consider?
  • How do I give my child an edge over the competition?

Otherwise, leave us a message below:

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