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Introducing School Placement Services

by Antonina Kudrova | September 10, 2021

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We like to be ahead of the curve.  Introducing our School Placement Services – a new service from Juno Education. This is important as application deadlines and assessment days are soon approaching.

The Private School system in the UK is a minefield of differing entrance requirements, application time-lines and procedures. This can often be a challenging and overwhelming process. Navigating this process can often distract from the much more important question: which school is right for my child?

Unlike the state sector – often standardised with regulatory inspections by Ofsted – our top private schools are immensely varied in what’s on offer at each of them. The vast differences in each school’s ethos, character and facilities can make a school that’s perfect for one student entirely wrong for another.

Why Juno?

The students who perform well and are happy at school are at a school that is most suited to their personality, interests and needs. Our School Placement Service can make easy the difficult process of finding the right school, registering and applying. Our industry-experienced experts have this covered and will coach your child in preparation for the fiercely competitive entrance exams, interviews and assessments required to get into the UK’s elite institutions.

We are pleased to offer a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with our education consultants. This friendly yet professional consultation serves as the springboard to map out your education roadmap with Juno Education. This professional guidance is available from ages 4-23. We support families who aspire to have their children access an elite education in the United Kingdom. We streamline the difficult process of finding and applying to the best independent schools and universities and ensure each of our students gains confidence, ability, and aptitude before entering the right one.

With September now here, we look forward to welcoming you to Juno Education through our School Placement Services.