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Experience Education with JUNO

by Antonina Kudrova | September 06, 2021

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The new school year is here and we, at Juno, are excited to unveil our roll out of new services. Now you can experience education in a new dimension through our improved website. With new branding comes new services. We are proud to share this with you – the ultimate hub for all things Juno Education.

After one of the most tumultuous periods in living memory, we reflected on our duty as an education provider. Complicated times require simple solutions.

What’s New

Juno Education is pleased to present a distinguished array of services, meticulously creating an all-encompassing educational program for your child. We live in a world where competition and societal demands exert a heavy influence on young individuals. We chose to be proactive and this has lead us to carefully craft our Well-being and Support Solutions.

Juno is appropriately named after the Roman Goddess, who in her many roles, was the protector and counsellor of children and the state. Juno Education provides services that look at education as a process that affects every part of the individual and their eventual role in the world. Our team look beyond box ticking and cramming for exams.

Tailored for You

Our package of Integrated Services includes Tuition and Mentoring, School Placement and University Admissions support and our Well-Being and Support service. Juno encourages a healthy approach to academic learning. We ensure that each of our students get ahead and into the school or university of their choice, but not at the cost of their mental health.

The right education equips individuals with knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to navigate the challenges of the world. In a rapidly changing world, where knowledge and skills are essential for success, securing the right education is an investment in the future, enabling individuals to thrive and make a difference.

Juno Education puts your child’s needs first. Experience Education with our superbly skilled team, and our bespoke and tailored solutions.