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December 2022 – UK School & University Deadlines

British School Update:

  • For September 2023 entry, Senior school registration deadlines have now passed. Waiting-list places and late applications are still available. However, it involves moving quickly, knowing where’s suitable for your child and beginning making enquiries as soon as schools open for the new year. 
  • With a continued increase in international families applying to UK schools, we advise families to begin sooner. Finding the right prep school – especially those that are feeder schools to top senior schools – can give a strong advantage when competing against so many international applicants. 

British University Update:

  • 25th January 2023 is the UCAS deadline for September 2023 entry. This also applies to transfer applications for entry into 2nd year.
  • Between now and the deadline, our students are putting the finishing touches on their personal statements and making any last minute changes to their university choices.
  • We can help with pre-flight checks for personal statements – getting an independent pair of eyes on the application.