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Our coaches help students take control of their studies and develop vital skills for school, university, and their career. We look at a child’s interests, personality, and the style and type of support they require to ensure the best fit with their personal coach.

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Executive function development is at the core of many of our coaches’ approaches to helping our students. We provide a strategic, personalised plan to tackle any obstacles in their learning and help them feel more confident acquiring agency and responsibility in their studies.

Introducing Foundations

Introducing Foundations

Coaching support in learning strategy, time management, accountability and soft-skill development such as communication, teamwork, and leadership helps our students create a strong foundation as independent learners; a trait that is vital in the independent school system.

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“Ella has now started her exams, she is in a good mindset for them. [Her mentor] Isha has been fantastic and has really helped with Ella’s anxiety and approach to exams. She’s like a complete different child. I want to thank Isha and JUNO for everything over the last 10 months to get Ella to her exams.”

- Laura, Berkshire, 15 year old

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