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ChatGPT Unveiled: Revolutionising Studying or Just a Virtual Study Buddy?

by Suzana de Pina | May 27, 2023

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The latest news on ChatGPT, love it or hate it its here to stay and will get far more interesting. Whether the use of ChatGPT for educational purposes is a good thing or not the jury is still out but we can see some real benefits to some groups of students with learning difficulties.

The benefits to some students who seek clarification on specific concepts or topics they are studying gain a deeper understanding or get additional explanations that can help them grasp difficult concepts. It may even be used for study planning and organisation which some students find difficult helping them create study plans, summarising and organizing their learning materials etc. ChatGPT helps them seek guidance on how to structure their study sessions, set goals, and manage their time effectively.

The benefits are very clear on some levels. More to come on Chat GPT, follow us to learn more on this subject.