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Case study for our new services

by Antonina Kudrova | February 10, 2023

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Following the launch of our new services in December, we are sharing a case study from one of our clients.

Mr J is relocating to the UK from the USA with his family of 5. We got to know his family’s needs, and, through our Academic and Personality Profiling, created a student profile for the two eldest children (aged 7 and 10). One of the key criteria was finding the right schools where the children’s SEN would be supported and where they could thrive. Another challenge was the need for a prep school up-to age 13 (often prep schools finish at age 11) in order to avoid the eldest child needing to start the move to senior school as soon as they settled in.

After working with our consultant Nicola, Mr J said: “Nicola was amazing. What we appreciated about her was her ability to ask us great questions to truly understand our needs, empathize with our situation, and truly earn our trust. We view her as a trusted advisor and she has provided an exceptionally high level of service and support.”

Thank you Mr J for choosing Juno!