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Beat the ‘Summer Slip’: Our Secret Weapon for Supercharged Summer Learning!

by Antonina Kudrova | May 27, 2023

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As the summer break approaches, we recommend parents in the UK look for ways to prevent the “Summer Slip” – what is that you ask! – the loss of knowledge and skills that can occur during the long break from school. Its a fact! it really occurs!

Studies show that students can lose up to 30% of their learning during the summertime. We recommend engaging your child in educational activities that are both fun and impactful. The “summer slip” affects different subjects to varying degrees. Younger students tend to experience greater losses in foundational skills like reading, writing, and mathematics, while older students may see a decline in subject-specific knowledge such as science or history.

Juno can offer a personalized learning plan: a plan that addresses your child’s specific needs and interests. This can include a variety of activities and resources to keep them engaged and learning throughout the break.

Interactive Online Programs

We can provide online learning that offers interactive courses, educational games. These programs provide a structured approach to summer learning and help your child retain essential skills.

Enrichment Programs

Juno partners with an enrichment events company that offers specialized courses in STEM subjects such as arts, languages, robotics and engineering. These programs provide a balance of learning and enjoyment, ensuring your child’s academic growth continues during the summer.

Reading Recommendations

We can provide personalised reading lists based on your child’s age, interests, and academic goals. Encourage your child to immerse themselves in books that spark their curiosity and expand their knowledge.

Ongoing Support

With all of the above we will offer continuous support throughout the summer, with regular check-ins and guidance to ensure your child stays motivated and on track. Don’t let the break hinder their learning journey – leverage our expertise and make the most of the summer months to foster continuous growth and development.

Contact Juno Education today to learn more about their comprehensive summer learning programs and personalized educational services. Together, we can ensure your child maintains their academic progress and enters the next school year with confidence and readiness. Let this summer be a time of growth and exploration with Juno Education by your side!