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A look inside Abingdon School

by Antonina Kudrova | September 24, 2021

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Abingdon School is an independent day and boarding school for boys aged 11 to 18. The School boasts 35 acres of grounds just south of Oxford. It is one of the oldest schools in England – opening its doors over 750 years ago. There are around 1000 boys at Abingdon and a further 250 boys at the Prep School.


This school has established itself as a leading educational institution known for its academic excellence, strong values, and commitment to holistic development. The dedicated and experienced faculty at Abingdon School provide exceptional teaching and support, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. With small class sizes and a nurturing learning environment, students are encouraged to reach their full potential and excel academically.

Abingdon offers between 23-25 subjects in the Sixth Form with A levels for most subjects and the Pre-U for Modern Foreign Languages. Some of their sixth form lessons are taught with the neighbouring girls’ schools, St Helen and St Katharine.

It is worthwhile to note 80.2% A*/As at A-Level in 2021.

Abingdon School Grounds | Upper Sixth leavers on their final morning of school

Beyond Academics

There is great emphasis on extracurricular activities and personal development. The school offers a vibrant and diverse range of co-curricular opportunities, including sports, arts, music, drama, and community service. These activities not only foster a well-rounded education but also help students develop important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience.

There are many accomplished individuals who have walked the halls of Abingdon School. This includes the likes of Sir Tim Berners-Lee who invented the World Wide Web and made significant contributions to the advancement of information technology. Sir Ben Kingsley, an Academy Award-winning actor, known for his captivating performances in films such as “Gandhi,” “Schindler’s List” is also alumni.

Abingdon has state of the art science, sports and music facilities. The Amey Theatre is at the heart of the School’s Arts Centre and has a 446 seat auditorium.

Abingdon School sports centre. C: Buttress Architects

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